Lighting accounts for 18% of a typical household’s electricity bill. Cutting your lighting bill is one of the easiest ways to save energy and money. Houses typically use a mixture of standard light fittings and down lighters or spotlight fittings. Energy efficient bulbs are available for both types of fittings. Changing which bulbs you use and how you use them will instantly save your home energy and money.


LEDs are simple solid state electronic devices that allow electricity to flow through them in one direction to produce a small amount of light.

Bulbs for domestic use contain a large number of LEDs so that a bright enough light is emitted. LED like-for-like replacements for halogen down lighters are now available from specialist suppliers and some retail chains. They are still expensive, but they are the most efficient option and pay for themselves several times over before they need replacing.

Here is a table to show energy consumption for different types of bulb.

lighting table