Landlords can obtain finance to upgrade their housing stock for greater energy-efficiency, through the Green Deal . Below, we explain the Government-led initiative, why you should be interested, and the ways to get involved.

Benefits for Landlords

The Green Deal at present is an unparalleled opportunity to improve your housing stock’s energy-efficiency, without incurring large upfront costs. By improving a property’s energy performance, you will:
• Cut its energy bills;
• Make it more attractive to prospective tenants;
• Increase its rental value; and
• Increase its resale value.
• Tenant pay’s for measures installed at the property (unless its void)

A smashing opportunity for Landlords!

The Green Deal will also help you to meet the legal obligations placed on you as a landlord with regard to assessing and improving the energy-efficiency of your properties. You are already required to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) before you market any property to let (or for sale); from 2016 you will be legally required to implement any of the improvement recommendations on the EPC, if the tenant requests it and there is a finance package (e.g. the Green Deal) available. From 2018 it will be illegal to offer a property to let or for sale with an EPC rating below E, where the Energy Assessor deems E or above achievable for that property. Landlords would be well-advised to make any improvements necessary to achieve this well in advance of the required date, as there is the possibility of a labour shortage as the deadline draws closer.

Landlords can also claim up to £5,600.00
CASH BACK through the GDHIF!!

It makes sense to act now!